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Here at Selvarajah & Co we think it is very important for everyone to have made their Will so you can sleep easily at night knowing your loved ones will be provided for after you have gone. Once we have received your instructions, we create your Will efficiently and thoroughly. Please telephone and make an appointment with us to do your Will as soon as possible. Trust us, you will feel much better knowing you have done this.

Our charges for a Will depend on the size of the estate. For a simple Will we charge £150.
If the estate is big then we will negotiate with the client in order to get the best price.


Probate is the term given to the process by which the deceased person’s Estate (Assets) is dealt with and distributed to the beneficiaries. We know that this can be a very upsetting time for you and we do our best to make this process as easy as possible for you dealing with all aspects from the very beginning. We are always on hand to answer your questions and guide you through this process.

We deal with Probate matters either on a fixed fee rate or on an hourly basis.

A large number of Probate matters are dealt with by us on a fixed fee basis.

Where the Estate is big and we are unable to know at the beginning how much work would have to be done we agree with the client to do it on an hourly rate basis.

If we are doing it on an hourly rate basis we charge approximately between £240 and £290 per hour (plus VAT if applicable).

If we are doing it on a fixed fee rate it will vary according to the size of the Estate but for an average case it will cost approximately between £2,000 and £3,500 (plus VAT if applicable).

Clients will also have to pay various disbursements including the following:

Probate Application fee - £150
London Gazzette Notice Fee - £90

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